We like working with Sophie because...

    Katherine Bright-Holmes

    Business Development Director, Consortium, Ingram Content Group


    Sophie shows flair for the creative side of children’s publishing and understands overall strategy as well as detailed tasks across all distribution and publishing areas, including commissioning, art directing, rights, management and editorial, along with export sales. We now collaborate on many aspects of international children’s publishing. Sophie has a wide range of expertise and is a delightful person with whom to work.

    Pop Up Projects CIC

    Community Interest Company

    We cannot commend Sophie highly enough for her rigorous dedication to making literature accessible to and representative of all children.

    Eloise Greenfield

    Author and Poet

    It’s as if I had stamped “HANDLE WITH CARE” on the manuscript. Sophie made wonderful suggestions, and I was comfortable choosing the ones that I felt worked for me.

    Beverley Naidoo


    A wonderfully attentive and supportive editor, she brought excellent insights and good judgement to helping the book be its best.

    Elizabeth Laird


    Sophie is a dream to work with, positive, encouraging and imaginative. She has a creative eye for artwork and a sure touch with editing.