Sophie Hallam provides creative literary services for clients in children’s, educational and arts publishing.

    Editorial Services

    From concept development and project management to structural editing and proofreading, I provide a creative and meticulous eye to any book project.


    With over 10 years' experience, I offer consultancy on inclusivity in children's books as well as international projects, festivals and workshops.

    Book Packaging

    I work with experienced designers to produce books to the highest standard.


    IBBY is a worldwide organisation that represents an international network of over 80 countries that work together to promote children’s rights through literature, illustration and reading promotion.


    Editorial - Consultancy - Packaging - Projects
    Please contact me for a quote: sophie@hallamcreative.com

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    • Project managing titles from initial idea to finished book
    • Commissioning and briefing authors/illustrators
    • Editing, copyediting and proofreading
    • Art direction
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    • Inclusivity in children's books
    • Adapting backlists  for UK and North American audiences
    • Grant Applications
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    •  From concept to print-ready publications
    • Work with experienced designers to produce books to the highest standard
    • A critical but creative eye to work alongside publishers to develop their list
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    • International workshops and events
    • Festivals
    • Teacher Resources
    • Cross-disciplinary projects
  • TEstimonials

    We think Sophie is great to work with because...

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    Beverley Naidoo

    A wonderfully attentive and supportive editor, she brought excellent insights and good judgement to helping the book be its best.

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    Eloise Greenfield

    It’s as if I had stamped “HANDLE WITH CARE” on the manuscript. Sophie made wonderful suggestions, and I was comfortable choosing the ones that I felt worked for me.

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    Katherine Bright-Holmes

    Sophie shows flair for the creative side of children’s publishing and understands overall strategy as well as detailed tasks across all distribution and publishing areas, including commissioning, art directing, rights, management and editorial, along with export sales.

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    Pop Up Projects

    We cannot commend Sophie highly enough for her rigorous dedication to making literature accessible to and representative of all children.

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    Creativity never stops.​